The Cliquefie Essential


The Cliquefie Essential
The Essential Model 1 by Cliquefie is a crucial mobile accessory for
the photographer in you. Produce stunning professional self portraits
with its amazing extension technology that enables you to be the main
subject of a photo that also captures your surrounding environment.
Or, take your #selfie to even the next level by also including all
your friends in the shot!
The rubberized protective clamp allows you to equip your smart phone
or camera safely and securely, simply adjust the extension to your
desired length and snap your photo!
The Essential utilizes Bluetooth technology to link with your
smartphone or device in order to remotely access its photo-taking
feature. The Model 1 is available in 3 different unique metallic hues,
so you can choose whichever one best fits your personality (Platinum,
Hot Pink, and Golden.
Also, the Cliquefie Model 1's dimensions are designed to be entirely
portable, intended to able to be concealed nicely in a purse or
backpack, because we know that life's most photographic moments occur
when your mobile.