Cliquefie Photography



The term "Photography" comes from the Greek words that translates to
"Drawing of light", and that is quite literally what it is...

Photography can be defined as the art and science of creating tangible
images by recording light. To understand such a definition, it takes
an understanding of what light is, and the technology necessary to
sense and capture its presence. Light, put simply, is energy (called
"electromagnetic radiation")  being emitted from our Sun that is
reflected and refracted on by everything we see on earth, and our eyes
are evolved in order to sense and perceive this energy, which results
in our 3-dimensional sight.

Photography is a curious art form, as it is a way of showing other
people a point of view away from their own. Photography is all around
us in our technologically advanced world of today, in art, business,
advertising, communication... in history; it's practically everywhere.
Our modern society evolved alongside the use of photography and its
importance to us. Our sense of sight is unique to our human brain, as
we are able to associate meaning, significance, and symbolism with
images. We call things "picture perfect" when they look just so.

In today's social media world, we are all connected through websites
such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We communicate to each other
by posting our thoughts and opinions, quotes, messages, or external
media; But most importantly of all, is the way we communicate and
express ourselves with our pictures. A profile picture illustrates who
you are, or how you want others to perceive you in a first impression.
The photos you take and post become your own privately created
catalog, a visual documentation of yourself for others to see. Social
media has evolved modern human social ways, making us now aware that
others might be looking, and thus resulting in our desperation to
"maintain our appearance" as far as others are able to see.

Self portraits are a staple to social networking... Most anyone who
has an account on any such social media website uses them as a way to
express themselves to their friends or followers. Photography as an
art form has become much more commonplace, most anyone with a certain
sum of money can be a photographer, but even a smart phone camera
these days creates photos of everlasting memories, while also being
convenient to use.

Cliquefie technology is meant to assist in your photojournalism
exploits. There are different variants of the Cliquefie designed to
best suit your unique needs as a photographer, whether you're a
student who maintains a social network following, or a professional
photographer seeking a device to give you a better advantage in your
craft. Because, in the end, quality in art is the most important
aspect of all.