Capturing life's best moments



We live in the generation of social media, where our competition for
attention from each other takes the form of virtual likes and
followers. Why do we care? Because what we want others to notice about
us feeds our attention-seeking ego... admit it or not. Most everyone
is a victim to their own narcissistic selves, in love with our own
image in its own unique splendor. There is no denying or escaping this
fact when you post content to your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
Human beings are social creatures and its natural for us to crave
attention... in healthy doses of course.

But, on the other hand, selfies are a great way to connect with
friends. It's a way for you to express yourself, to show others your
confidence through your self-image. Selfies can even be a way for you
to find and know yourself, by simply seeing yourself.

Regular #selfies are so 2014, because now you can take it to the next
level. Science and ergonomics have developed a brand new technology
that enables you to create even more effective self portraits, now at
greater distances from your face and at even more advanced angles. The
new selfie stick technology sold by Cliquefie will empower you to take
even more professional and exemplary photos of yourself to share with
your friends and followers.

The idea is simple: Technology that utilizes a type of boom that you
are able to securely attach a camera or smart phone to, which can be
used as an extension of your reach in order to produce outstanding
images. Escape the limitations of your arm and equipt yourself with a
tool that will create superbly fine self portraits that are finally
worthy of displaying yourself for the world to see!

Cliquefie offers a variety of types in order to fit your specific
taste and needs, ranging from more economic personal-use options to
professional studio-grade equipment level. They make excellent
additional accessories to any self-proclaimed amateur or even
professional-level photographer.

People all over the nation are in love with this marvelously simple,
yet terrific, cellphone/camera accessory. And Cliquefie wishes to
offer it to the world so that everyone has a chance to create better
unique photos of themselves and others. Don't miss the chance of
capturing life's best moments with this great tool that will make your
memento even more special.