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4 Fun Flavors to Choose from!  


Simple and smart, the CliqueFie Mini selfie stick features a compact design
that's ultra-portable. Crafted from lightweight aluminum steel, it fully supports
your phone. It offers control via a wireless Bluetooth remote—there's no cord,
app, or extra buttons required to take shots. It also has a tripod mount when
you need extra stability for video, long shots, or the perfect selfie angle.





Wireless Remote
The CliqueFie selfie stick comes with a matching remote that's controlled by wireless Bluetooth. The simple one-button design is easy to operate and convenient for shooting a photo or video without downloading any apps.
Phone Compatibility Works with phone sizes approximately 3" ~ 5.2". Works with iPhone X.
Intuitive Phone Mount 
Double pull tabs for easy one-hand attach / detach mounting actions
Compact Design 

With a compact design, the CliqueFie selfie stick reduces to a smaller size so it easily fits in your purse or bag without scratching any of your personal belongings.

Maximum Strength 
The polarized aluminum steel construction is very lightweight yet strong enough to fully support your iPhone. You can extend the selfie stick up to 20 inches (52 cm)—perfect for capturing a great selfie.
Angle adjustability
You can adjust the stick's angle up to 100 degrees, allowing just the right position for taking a selfie with friends.
Tripod connection
The bottom screw thread lets you connect to any standard UNC 1/4-inch 20 universal tripod for video, long shots, group shots, and other outstanding photos.
Clear Secure Strap 
Comes with a clear rubber fastener to connect your cell phone to the Cliquefie for maximum support.
Four fun flavors


Cotton Candy (Light Blue)

Pineapple (Yellow)

Mojito (Green)

Raspberry (Pink)


Retracted: 9 inches (23 cm)

Extended: 28.3 inches (72 cm)

Diameter: 1 inch (2.4 cm)

Weight: 5 oz. (138 g)