Mini Selfie Sticks


4 Fun Flavors to Choose from!  
Simple and smart, the CliqueFie selfie stick features a compact design that's ultra-portable. Crafted from lightweight aluminum steel, it fully supports your iPhone. It offers control via a wireless Bluetooth remote—there's no cord, app, or extra buttons required to take shots. It also has a tripod mount when you need extra stability for video, long shots, or the perfect selfie angle.


Wireless Remote - Convenient Bluetooth remote to your selfies wirelessly

Phone Compatibility - Works with phone sizes approximately 3" ~ 5.2"  

Intuitive Phone Mount - Double pull tabs for easy one-hand attach / detach mounting actions

Compact Design - Condenses down for easy portability and storing in small spaces and bags 

Maximum Strength - The polarized aluminum steel construction is very lightweight yet strong enough to fully support your iPhone. You can extend the selfie stick up to 20 inches (52 cm)—perfect for capturing a great selfie.

Angle adjustability - You can adjust the stick's angle up to 100 degrees, allowing just the right position for taking a selfie with friends.

Tripod connection - The bottom screw thread lets you connect to any standard UNC 1/4-inch 20 universal tripod for video, long shots, group shots, and other outstanding photos.

Clear Secure Strap - used to fasten your cell phone to the Cliquefie for maximum support

Four fun flavors – Mojito (Green), Pineapple (Yellow), Cotton Candy (Light Blue), Raspberry (Pink)