Baby cakes San Diego


                As a kid growing up I never really liked cupcakes however later on in my high school years I developed a slight passion for them. It all started when I discovered a chic cupcake shop in Santa Monica, California by the name on Vanilla. The thing that got to me about this shop is it was my first time seeing a cupcake that was not the traditional flavor of chocolate or vanilla. All though they have a lot of flavors the one that stood out to me at the time was the “Guinness Crème Filled Cupcake”. It sounds special because it is. This was the 2013 St. Patrick’s Day special flavor, made with real Guinness beer. Although Vanilla cupcake shop is a really good cupcake shop, and quite possible my favorite one, the point of this article is about my very close second favorite shop. Baby cakes is located in the Hillcrest district of beautifully San Diego. Baby cakes offers the amazing exotic flavors that are out of the cupcake flavor norm. This place honestly puts so much passion into their work and it shows. Although some might consider it a bit pricey, I personally feel that these cupcakes are worth every penny. The taste alone is outstanding and their cupcakes are pretty generously sized. All I all I 100% recommend Baby cakes to anyone one out there, cupcake lover or not.