Why we love panorama

        After Apple decided to include a panorama feature on the iPhone these type of photos have been blowing up. For those of you out there who don’t know a panorama photo is a long horizontal picture that captures things such as landscapes. It’s actually not that hard to see why we love them so much. Panoramic photographs give us a perfect view of up to 180 degree. Besides that we also get the sensation that we are there in the photo whether it be the Grand Canyon or a room of a friend. I have decided to go out and take some of these photos just for the blog.


Island View of the sunset

Suburban Sunset

The city

Outdoor Bar

From Dusk till Dawn

For my panoramas I decided to attach my iphone onto a cliquefie and As you can see panoramas are amazing and thanks to apple genius programming anyone can take these photos. So go out and try for yourself, in fact try using a cliquefie stick while you’re at it.