Baby cakes San Diego


                As a kid growing up I never really liked cupcakes however later on in my high school years I developed a slight passion for them. It all started when I discovered a chic cupcake shop in Santa Monica, California by the name on Vanilla. The thing that got to me about this shop is it was my first time seeing a cupcake that was not the traditional flavor of chocolate or vanilla. All though they have a lot of flavors the one that stood out to me at the time was the “Guinness Crème Filled Cupcake”. It sounds special because it is. This was the 2013 St. Patrick’s Day special flavor, made with real Guinness beer. Although Vanilla cupcake shop is a really good cupcake shop, and quite possible my favorite one, the point of this article is about my very close second favorite shop. Baby cakes is located in the Hillcrest district of beautifully San Diego. Baby cakes offers the amazing exotic flavors that are out of the cupcake flavor norm. This place honestly puts so much passion into their work and it shows. Although some might consider it a bit pricey, I personally feel that these cupcakes are worth every penny. The taste alone is outstanding and their cupcakes are pretty generously sized. All I all I 100% recommend Baby cakes to anyone one out there, cupcake lover or not.

  • Henry Chen

Why we love panorama

        After Apple decided to include a panorama feature on the iPhone these type of photos have been blowing up. For those of you out there who don’t know a panorama photo is a long horizontal picture that captures things such as landscapes. It’s actually not that hard to see why we love them so much. Panoramic photographs give us a perfect view of up to 180 degree. Besides that we also get the sensation that we are there in the photo whether it be the Grand Canyon or a room of a friend. I have decided to go out and take some of these photos just for the blog.


Island View of the sunset

Suburban Sunset

The city

Outdoor Bar

From Dusk till Dawn

For my panoramas I decided to attach my iphone onto a cliquefie and As you can see panoramas are amazing and thanks to apple genius programming anyone can take these photos. So go out and try for yourself, in fact try using a cliquefie stick while you’re at it.

  • Henry Chen



What is traveling? Travel v. to undertake a journey or trip, to make a trip for pleasure. That is the literal definition of traveling, however I have a more personal definition. People usually travel for pleasure, but that is not always the case. Some people travel to gain experience and knowledge from the world, some people must travel for business, some people travel for the pure purpose of research, but it is all part of a personal goal. We all have a personal goal. with traveling comes memories . Memories are created daily whether we notice it or not. But when it comes to being in new places, we would especially want to remember our new experiences . What better way to remember the moment by taking beautiful pictures ? Pictures of the sun rising between the mountains , the sky is bright red orange , the sky is clear and the air is clean and crisp . The moment is picture perfect and cture perfect moment. What better way to capture this moment of you in it , without your face being too close to the camera and also getting the beautiful background. This is all made possible by cliquefie selfie stick!

  • Henry Chen