That Pizza place


Today, I ate at my favorite pizza place, Pascal's Pizza Place. It's located in a plaza that is busy, but not too busy. I can always manage to find parking spots. This is a place that I am able to go to and not stress about whether or not I am able to find a parking space. I guess this is also one of the reasons I love to go to Pascal’s. One less reason to stress about. Now when you arrive at Pascal's Pizza Place, the menu is simple. They have their signature pizza's like the 3 meat pizza that contains sausage , pepperoni , and everyone's beloved meat , bacon ( I personally don't see what is the big deal about bacon ) then there is the classic four cheese pizza , the Hawaiian , and many more . But my favorite part about this Pascal's is I am able to build my own pizza. The pizza that I love to get is pan pizza, with barbecue sauce, with chicken breast pieces and topped with spinach, and barbecue sauce drizzled on top with an Asiago cheese crust. It is so delicious and it hits the spot. When you bite into it, the flavor of the barbecue hits your mouth first. It's sweet and tangy and the cheese fits right in perfectly like they were meant to be. Then the chicken evens out the taste and the spinach adds in a bit of a crunch. The spinach also makes you feel less guilty about eating this delicious pizza. I always leave Pascal's Pizza Place satisfied and a happy full stomach. They have never let me down